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NZ Best Professional Psychic Medium, Empath ,Clairsentient, Clairvoyant Readings phone 0900 52515 or 0800 525155 you can also visit


“One of the rare highly gifted psychics who does not need any information other than your first name, she can feel your emotions,and also read with clarity and accuracy, this gave me such comfort to feel a proven Spiritual connection right away”.-USA Client

NEW ZEALANDS LEADING ADVANCED PSYCHIC MEDIUM CLAIRVOYANT , Readings are also available for the USA, Canada, UK and anywhere in the world!

Debs very detailed evidential insight supports her reputation as a stand out psychic.


Readings that go deeper with a proven empathetic ability.  

 “I have been amazed at her intuition, accuracy and guidance, the ability to see situations so deeply that she is able to so kindly, warmly and patiently advise me through”

Debs instantly describes how you are feeling, and the emotions of those connected in your reading
Gives valid reference points that the client can relate to as truth and as relevant to their situation
Connects with you using only your first name, and gives you relevant  information right away that proves to be accurate
Describes your situation in an indepth manner, providing accurate and specific visual descriptions, can they describe emotions, feelings, outcomes…
Remote viewer that can see things such as your house, your surroundings, people around you and the activities that you do… 

Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empath, clairsentient and Aura Reader 0900 calls cost $4.99 per minute plus GST. No Children please.  If I do not answer please send me a text, as I am very busy! 

“During your reading I continually give key points of reference that the client is able to confirm as true and accurate, this establishes a strong connection between myself, the client and Spirit, and means the client has confidence in my authenticity as a psychic medium and clairvoyant”


“Debs is a true clear connection to the Divine. She’s fast, accurate, compassionate, empathic, and understanding. Officially deleted everyone else and she’s now my number 1 go to when I’m feeling lost and confused. Thank you for sharing your gift with me to help me be a better person”.



Servicing: Whanganui Region, Canterbury Region, Bay Of Plenty, Timaru, Oamaru Region, Marlborough Region, Northland, Nelson Region, Taranaki, Auckland Region, Waikato Region, Otago, Gisborne Region, Wellington Region, Wairarapa, Manawatu Region, Hawkes Bay, Southland Region, USA, Canada
West Coast

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