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NZ Phone Psychic call Debs on her 0900 or 0800 lines – Debs is a hugely popular clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium who gives true and accurate high level readings.

“I give very definitive and accurate readings, this ability comes from a large skill set of abilities that I use in my readings. I see feel, sense energy and the auras of all things both living and on the other side. I am also a strong empath which means I feel what others feel, and this gives the client great insight. I am also proficient in all of the clairsenses, and connect fast and easily with those in Spirit, and the energies of those over on this side as well. I am relaxed, easy going, and down to earth. So for a comprehensive in-depth reading, call me, I would love to be of service to you”.

Debs is respected for her ability to tune in very fast with specific evidential and true insight to quickly assure you of a pure ability. With many top Reviews from clients world wide, she is a Sensitive empath and is favored internationally for her strong, natural Spiritual connection. USE OF ALL CLAIR-SENSES, AND MORE YOUR READING IS GUIDED TRULY BY SPIRIT THAT PROVIDES OUTSTANDING DETAIL.


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