Deb Sinclair is an intuitive clairsentient

Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling” and is perhaps the common of all the intuitive gifts. It is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotions of others without the use of the normal five senses (smell, vision, touch, hearing, and taste). We are all connected through energy, and for those with a sensitive gift like Deb’s,it is how we are able to do this.

Debs takes her ability to another level, as she also feels the intentions behind the emotions, and also sees and knows the subconscious reasons that drive a persons behaviour. This takes her psychic reading sessions to another level,that promotes energetic and emotional and physical healing,but on a realistic level. What I mean by realistic is that you will be given valid points of reference, that you will see as truth because it is very personal, and very relateable to you, your life, the people in it,your emotions and their emotions,and more….

Through this, I offer what is described as Spiritual Counselling, which explores the reason behind the patterns in your life, and offers solutions based on your acknowledgement of truths that are revealed. It is a very uplifting and freeing experience.

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