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Outward appearances are often deceiving, so energy tells us the truth.


Relationships: Illusional Change versus True Spiritual Growth


This article refers to the common theme of our personal and intimate relationships that we form with others.

In this time of many changes, as individuals are exploring who they truly are, the topic of relationships is an interesting one because of the diversity that we face as souls set themselves free to find their authentic selves.

Relationships are a learning ground and as well as a playground, and the most personal relationships are a major part in our school of life as an experience as a human being.  This is where the greatest growth can be achieved, however it is also where the greatest illusion of growth can also be achieved.

The best way to explain this is to look at an example of growth and an example of the illusion of growth.


This Is achieved when a person who has achieved a strong sense of self awareness, enters a relationship, and therefore is open enough to identify any common patterns that emerge, it may be things such as self-sabotage, insecurity, jealousy, giving too much, or becoming controlling.  There are many examples of this.

The key is to look at the self, look at your own responses and reactions, and to identify whether this behaviour is a common thread in your journey, and personal relationships.  If you identify your responses as something that you always do, then it is time to go within and to explore the very foundations of where this pattern developed.

An excellent example is that of the narcissist/empath attraction which has been identified as quite common, yet it is more than just that because there are so many variations of both empath and narcissist, and so many unique and individual life experiences, that to put a person in a box like that will not always provide the answers that they seek.

The important thing is that through going within and locating and identifying these patterns within your psyche and subconscious, you can then heal those responses, which clears out the mental, emotional and energetic and clutter to allow your light of your soul truth to shine!

When this is accomplished, you may feel that the relationship no longer fits you, or you may even see your partner as they are, and not who you want them to be, or you may see them as exactly who you really want after all!

“With True Personal and Spiritual Growth, the changes come from within you, and not from your reactions to your partner”.



Have you ever known someone who seems to change their personality, in response to whomever they are in a relationship with at the time?

Now to be fair we all know that our relationships will have an influence over us, however for an individual who has experienced true growth, you will find that they pretty much remain similar regardless of who they are with. Yes, there will be compromise, and subtle changes, but the person will have established their own boundaries, through their own self-awareness and healthy needs, and will feel a lot more secure in who they are. (If of course there is more growth to be had, that person will be continuing the path of seeking inner wisdom and healing).

The difference is that in an illusion situation is that you “take on the energy of the other person and subconsciously adapt to that”.  This in turn takes you away from yourself, so when the relationship ends, you are left with a hollow feeling inside and then often will pursue another relationship to fill the void.

We all want to be loved, and to feel secure, however whenever you find yourself single, and you continue to feel hollow over time, then another person’s energy will always fill that void, for a while; but it is not a permanent solution. And you will find your patterns repeat themselves.

“Hollow feelings of emptiness are not the same as loneliness, hollow feelings run far deeper than just being alone, and come from a place deep within you, and your life experiences”. 

You may have seen people be boisterous in one relationship, yet quieter and demurer in another. People will say “oh that person is just what he/she needed to settle them down”.


Yes, that can be the case, but the point is, is that now once boisterous but now demure person being truly authentic, or is the sense of having that void filled feeding a continuing co-dependency pattern?  And is that new personality just an act to hide the insecurities that have not been identified. And the act to be something that their partner wants?

For example, you often see a person not treat another well in one relationship yet be a puppy dog to their partner in another relationship.  How many of you have treated a person so well, but not had it reciprocated, then are heart broken when you see that person go into another relationship, and they treat that person better, and seem to be happy?

The illusion is in fact the new dynamic being played out, for example it may mean that your ex-partner needs a strong person that mimics a mother or father figure, who puts them in their place, so they respond to that, as they would have as a child, and their new partner needs to feel authoritative in order to feel secure, so whilst it appears to be working for them, there in fact has been no true growth whatsoever, it is a mere illusion.

Your personal illusion in this instance to be healed, would be to ask yourself why you keep doing this, why you keep being attracted to the same kind of person, and the illusion to be broken through is, for you to not give so much, and to look at why you do? Then you are on a true path of growth, that is far richer than an illusion of a great relationship that your ex has created in order to feel safe and not face their own soul truths.

Becoming trapped into thinking about your ex-partners behaviour will keep you stuck in their illusion of which they have managed to cover up by a relationship that seemingly works on the surface but through a co-dependent dynamic hides their insecurities.

The way through to the Soul is through balance, so you see an illusion co-dependent relationship is to see it as a set of scales; one aspect is heavier than the other, so the other must give more energy in order to prop things up and create the illusion of balance.  A healthy relationship is one where two souls have found most of the balance, within themselves first, as an individual authentic soul and therefore one soul compliments the other.  The balance of energy and power is shared, and one is not dominant over the other.

This does not mean that an authentic soul is perfect, it simply means they know who they are, and have accepted all aspects of themself even their shadow self and have found love of the self and wholeness through healing and self-acceptance. And through that awareness no longer feel empty or hollow, even without a relationship.

We are all on a path of growth, our patterns teach us what needs attention and healing and what is lacking.  Remember too, to look for the achievement of growth and reward yourself and smile and be happy at how far that you have come!


©Debra Sinclair Psychic Medium Empath 2021


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Change comes about through our path of personal growth. When we grow beyond the learnt perception of ourselves and therefore become more truly self-aware, we become more conscious of our authentic needs and more sensitive to what is no longer working for us.

These changes affect our friendships and relationships, there is no choice in that matter. What once suited you, no longer feels right or fits who you are.

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True vs truth psychic discernment

The word  true is your perception of something. Our perception is driven by our personality, our ego, our upbringing, our conditioning, our personal triggers and our bias. This is why what one person can perceive to be true in a given situation can be different than what the other person perceives.


The road towards universal truth or higher consciousness can be a rocky one as we develop the tools of self awareness and personal responsibility for our actions, reactions, emotions, and even our shadow self……..

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The main advantage of choosing an empath as your healer is that it is not so much the experience that the individual has endured as much as the reactive emotion and impact the event has had on a person.

This may sound like a strange way to look at this, but as an empath, I feel fully the emotions, the intentions, the influence any experience has on a persons psyche and character. Past, present, so that together we can pave a way to a higher path and better future.

My clients often tell me that I know them better than they know themselves!  This is not the case, I simply feel the emotions from a concious and subconcious level and we link our findings up with certian life events, and then we go into the healing of these.

The wonderful thing about psychic empathy is that everyones interpreation and realtion to any event is enetrely different, so it is without any judgement at all that I read, see and assist my clients to heal.


Empathetic Psychic Energy Recogniton is one of the purest forms of chanelling, and healing”.


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The path to forgiveness


When we are hurt by another human being, part of our energy is literally stolen by them, and we are left feeling stuck, lost and confused, and try as we might, it is one of the hardest thigns to free ourselves of this.  Because when this type of exchange happens, we find ourselves losing the focus on ourselves and it is taken over by what the other person did to us.



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Deb Sinclair is an intuitive clairsentient

Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling” and is perhaps the common of all the intuitive gifts. It is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotions of others without the use of the normal five senses (smell, vision, touch, hearing, and taste). We are all connected through energy, and for those with a sensitive gift like Deb’s,it is how we are able to do this.

Debs takes her ability to another level, as she also feels the intentions behind the emotions, and also sees and knows the subconscious reasons that drive a persons behaviour. This takes her psychic reading sessions to another level,that promotes energetic and emotional and physical healing,but on a realistic level. What I mean by realistic is that you will be given valid points of reference, that you will see as truth because it is very personal, and very relateable to you, your life, the people in it,your emotions and their emotions,and more….

Through this, I offer what is described as Spiritual Counselling, which explores the reason behind the patterns in your life, and offers solutions based on your acknowledgement of truths that are revealed. It is a very uplifting and freeing experience.

The psychic empathetic edge

Debs is an empath and a psychic medium, and aura reader who was born with these natural abilities. She is also a specialist energy reader which mean she gives a lot of information in a shorter amount of time, producing a very meaningful, comprehensive reading for her clients.

Her readings are of high quality, and come from a pure source and connection through the higher realms, and her many clients internationally leave favorable reviews in support of this.

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