Deb Sinclair is an intuitive clairsentient

Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling” and is perhaps the common of all the intuitive gifts. It is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotions of others without the use of the normal five senses (smell, vision, touch, hearing, and taste). We are all connected through energy, and for those with a sensitive gift like Deb’s,it is how we are able to do this.

Debs takes her ability to another level, as she also feels the intentions behind the emotions, and also sees and knows the subconscious reasons that drive a persons behaviour. This takes her psychic reading sessions to another level,that promotes energetic and emotional and physical healing,but on a realistic level. What I mean by realistic is that you will be given valid points of reference, that you will see as truth because it is very personal, and very relateable to you, your life, the people in it,your emotions and their emotions,and more….

Through this, I offer what is described as Spiritual Counselling, which explores the reason behind the patterns in your life, and offers solutions based on your acknowledgement of truths that are revealed. It is a very uplifting and freeing experience.

The psychic empathetic edge

Debs is an empath and a psychic medium, and aura reader who was born with these natural abilities. She is also a specialist energy reader which mean she gives a lot of information in a shorter amount of time, producing a very meaningful, comprehensive reading for her clients.

Her readings are of high quality, and come from a pure source and connection through the higher realms, and her many clients internationally leave favorable reviews in support of this.

Psychic Pet Readings

Call Debs now for her Psychic-Medium and clairvoyant readings on your Pets for NZ, Australia, USA, Canada.

Lost Pets, Changes in pet behavior, how pets interact with each other,  passed over animals and their connection to you….

Animals have their own personalities, unique vibration and their place in a natural order of Nature and the Universe. Whether they are sentient beings or not they are governed by a higher consciousness, the same consciousness that governs us all, and are therefore part of us all.

Debs is a strong empath which means she easily feels the emotions and vibes of other living beings, therefore she is able to give you a strong reading on your beloved Pet.

NZ Call Debs on 0900 52515 or 0800 525155 or BOOK HERE


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NZ Phone Psychic call Debs on her 0900 or 0800 lines – Debs is a hugely popular clairvoyant, Spiritual Medium who gives true and accurate high level readings.

“I give very definitive and accurate readings, this ability comes from a large skill set of abilities that I use in my readings. I see feel, sense energy and the auras of all things both living and on the other side. I am also a strong empath which means I feel what others feel, and this gives the client great insight. I am also proficient in all of the clairsenses, and connect fast and easily with those in Spirit, and the energies of those over on this side as well. I am relaxed, easy going, and down to earth. So for a comprehensive in-depth reading, call me, I would love to be of service to you”.

Debs is respected for her ability to tune in very fast with specific evidential and true insight to quickly assure you of a pure ability. With many top Reviews from clients world wide, she is a Sensitive empath and is favored internationally for her strong, natural Spiritual connection. USE OF ALL CLAIR-SENSES, AND MORE YOUR READING IS GUIDED TRULY BY SPIRIT THAT PROVIDES OUTSTANDING DETAIL.


USA Psychic instant phone readings via Click 4 advisor with Deb Sinclair

Deb Sinclair is  hugely popular psychic medium and clairvoyant, based in Christchurch New Zealand. She offers readings across the USA and world wide.

USA clients can easily contact her by clicking on the image below:


 United States of America

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Australian Psychic Phone Readings call 1800 090 280

Offering accurate and fast psychic insight by phone: Debs’ is a Specialist Psychic Energy reader, and a PURE INTUITIVE. This means the readings are delivered with high accuracy and are very concentrated”. (Meaning that you get a lot more specific and defined information through in a shorter amount of time, ant that there are no learnt “new age” theories or fillers, all the information is via a direct channel to Spirit)………


USA Psychic Clairvoyant Free Phone 1844 678 1830 $4.99 USD per minute or use the instant call button, or you can pre-book on my website $65 USD for 15 minutes, $100 USD for 30 minutes, $145 USD for 45 minutes or $180 USD for 60 minutes and go to the USA page

Canada Psychic Clairvoyant Free Phone: 1844 454 239 $4.99 USD per minute or use the instant call or chat buttons. Or you pre-book on my website: $65 USD for 15 minutes, $100 USD for 30 minutes, $145 USD for 45 minutes or $180 USD for 60 minutes and go to the Canada page

Get yourself ready for a relaxed, flowing and natural psychic connection!
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New Zealand Best Psychic Reviews

No time wasting with lots of questions, all Debs requires is a first name and the insight begins right away.
You will find Debs to be highly defined, authentic, and wonderful to talk to. Positive, honest insight with an impressive depth of Spiritual knowledge and experience. Bringing balance and perspective into your world.

You can view many top reviews here:  BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUM CLAIRVOYANT


Auckland Psychic Medium Clairvoyant

Debs is pleased to offer  0800 and 0900 readings for Auckland clients via phone, or Skype.


Fast validation, and key points of evidential reference without lots of questions to the client, provides proof of a strong and authentic connection in psychic- medium and clairvoyant readings.

It is a key factor in determining the true ability of a reader. Therefore being able to provide this immediate information via Spirit ,that is true and specific to each client, is something that I am very proud of”. 

Psychic Phone Readings, fast, accurate: call Debs on 0900 52515 or 0800 525155 – Professional. Clairvoyant,Spiritual Medium – Highly rated with Top Reviews from clients world wide.

Australia clients phone 1900 952515 or 1800 090 280 for Fast, Specific insight that quickly assures you of a true and high level pure ability. A Sensitive empath and favored internationally for her strong, natural Spiritual connection.

USE OF ALL CLAIR-SENSES, GUIDED BY SPIRIT PROVIDES OUTSTANDING DETAIL. Debs clients know within the first minute that they have a real Spiritual & psychic connection through her abilities, which is enhanced by her empathetic qualities – which means that Debs feels what you are feeling and your reading flows with added depth and an opportunity to be open to heal, and make contact with those in the afterlife.

Debs warmth yet direct and honest nature and a friendly sense of humor, amidst real accuracy when reading, brings in many great and genuine references from clients around the world. People feel her genuine connection and enjoy engaging with her energy. They appreciate the instant proof of a true Spiritual Connection, without Debs having to ask them to explain themselves. which is what her clients seek.